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VPG Offers First On-Board Overload Monitoring System With Solid-State Axle Deflection Sensors, for High Durability and Accuracy to 3% in Vehicles Over 8.3 Tons (7.5 Metric Tons)
MALVERN, Pa.Jan. 19, 2011 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its VPG On-Board Weighing division has expanded its offering to include TruckWeigh, a new overload monitoring and payload maximization system for medium- and high-capacity vehicles greater than 8.3 tons (7.5 metric tons). Designed for easy installation, TruckWeigh is the industry’s first such system with a low-weight construction to maximize payload capacity, and solid-state axle deflection sensors with no moving parts to keep it from slipping out of calibration due to mechanical wear. TruckWeigh delivers the high accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and durability necessary for even the harshest on-board applications.
TruckWeigh combines VPG’s patented axle transducer technology and air pressure sensors to protect against overload in vehicles with mechanical and/or air bellows suspension. It is compatible with a broad range of rigid trucks, tractor-trailers, and trailers – from articulated and rigid tippers, to RCVs, skip loaders, roll-offs and hook loaders – to maximize payload; optimize fuel consumption; protect against axle and gross overload; avoid fines and overload endorsements; and vehicle wear and tear; and minimize safety risks.
The easy-to-use system displays weight with no driver intervention, features up to 3 % accuracy, and supports capacity (GVW) up to 66 tons (60 metric tons). The kit installs quickly and easily into new or existing vehicles without welding and without heavy mechanical assemblies, features easy two-step calibration, and is self-diagnostic. Suitable for both DIN radio slot and dash mount, the TruckWeigh indicator displays the loading conditions of each axle, axle group, and/or complete vehicle. This system also includes trailer identification functionality, negating the need for recalibration every time the trailer is swapped.
For continuous remote monitoring, TruckWeigh can also be linked to third-party-compatible tracking and fleet management systems to relay the vehicle loading condition to the depot. TruckWeigh is available with an optional external alarm sounder, packer plate shutdown, barrier control output, 511 FreeWeigh hand-held remote display unit displaying the weight reading when the driver is away from the meter, and thermal or heavy duty printer connected via RS232, with custom printer header, and prints out the time, date, weight, and ID number.
A similar VanWeigh system is available for vehicles under 8.3 tons (7.5 metric tons).
Further information about TruckWeigh and other VPG On-Board Weighing products is available at
About VPG On-Board Weighing
VPG On-Board Weighing is a division of Vishay Precision Group and includes products from PM Onboard and SI Onboard, providers of on-board weighing and overload protection systems for decades. Our systems integrate strain gages and load cell technology, advanced electronics hardware and software, back-office software and wireless capabilities into weighing solutions for fleet operators. Our experience, combined with our design and production capabilities make it possible for us to provide a wide range of standard and custom-made solutions for our customers.
About Vishay Precision Group
Vishay Precision Group (VPG) produces sensors based on precision resistive foil technology, and sensor-based systems. It provides vertically integrated products and solutions for multiple growing markets in the areas of stress, force, weight, pressure and current measurements. As a spin-off from Vishay Intertechnology, VPG’s decades-long track record encompasses innovations in precision foil resistors, current sensors, and strain gages, which have served as a foundation for VPG’s more recent expansion into strain gage instrumentation, load cells and transducers, weighing modules and complete systems for process control and on-board weighing. Vishay Precision Group may be found on the Internet at