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VPG's On-Board Overload Protection Systems Offer Accuracy to 2% and High Durability; Display of Gross Vehicle Weight, Net Payload Weight, and Axle Group Weights With No Driver Interaction
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — Sept. 10, 2010 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its VPG On-Board Weighing division has expanded its offering of on-board overload protection systems. Available kits include the Axle transducer scale system, Trojan suspension-mounted scale system, and the Airscale system for vehicles with air suspensions. The overload protection systems deliver a high level of accuracy, ease of use, and the durability necessary for even the harshest on-board applications.
The systems announced today are compatible with a broad range of truck makes and models – from dump and tow trucks to forestry, refuse and bulk hauling trucks – to eliminate overloading fees at truck scales; for the reduction of vehicle maintenance by preventing overloading; and assisting in disposal site decisions based on the real-time, known weight of the material to be discarded.
The easy-to-use systems display weight with no driver interaction, feature up to 2% accuracy, and provide an unlimited capacity (GVM). The kits provide quick and easy installation without disassembly of the vehicle chassis, suspension, or body, feature easy two-step calibration, and are self diagnostic. Weight is displayed on a bright, dependable, easy-to-read display mounted in the cab of the vehicle.
The Axle and Trojan transducers are designed to provide gross vehicle weight, net payload weight, and axle group weights. The Trojan system is available for dual rear axle configurations, while the Axle system is available for single and dual rear axle configurations. Both systems can be used with pusher, tag, or lift axles. Axle group weights are provided for both the front and rear axle groups, and rear-only systems are also available.
The Airscale suspension-based weighing system is available for trucks with air suspensions and provides gross or net vehicle weight by measuring the pneumatic pressure change in the suspension as weight is added and subtracted. Axle group weights are provided, as well as gross and net weights. Rear-axle-group-only and front-axle-group-only systems are also available.
All overload protection systems are available with an optional relay board, printer, and handheld remote. Connected through an expansion slot, the relay board allows an audio or visual alarm to be added to the system, in addition to the standard flashing weight reading on the meter’s display. Connected via RS232, the handheld remote displays the weight reading when the driver is away from the meter, while the printer prints out the time, date, weight, and ID number.
Further information about the Axle, Trojan, Airscale, and other VPG On-Board Weighing products is available at
About VPG On-Board Weighing
VPG On-Board Weighing is a division of Vishay Precision Group and includes products from PM Onboard and SI Onboard, providers of on-board weighing and overload protection systems for decades. Our systems integrate strain gages and load cell technology, advanced electronics hardware and software, back-office software and wireless capabilities into weighing solutions for fleet operators. Our experience, combined with our design and production capabilities make it possible for us to provide a wide range of standard and custom-made solutions for our customers.
About Vishay Precision Group
Vishay Precision Group produces sensors based on resistive foil technology, and sensor-based systems. We provide vertically integrated products and solutions for multiple growing markets in the areas of stress measurement, industrial weighing, and manufacturing process control. As a spin-off from Vishay Intertechnology, we have a decades-long track record of innovation in foil precision resistors, which we invented, current sensors, and strain gages, which has served as a foundation for our more recent expansion into strain gage instrumentation, load cells and transducers, load cell modules, and complete systems for process control and on-board weighing. Vishay Precision Group may be found on the Internet at