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New Vishay Revere JetWeigh-W™ Wireless Aircraft Weighing System
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — December 15, 2006 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announces the release of the Vishay Revere JetWeigh-W™ wireless aircraft weighing system. The new JetWeigh-W system, which integrates wireless communication, digital weighing, and high-accuracy load cell technologies, eliminates the need for cable connections. It is an accurate and easy-to-use system that ensures correct weighing even under severe vibration and oscillation conditions.
Applications include routine weight and center-of-gravity monitoring, weight checking after airframe repairs and modifications, and design-proving weight and center-of-gravity determinations.
The JetWeigh-W wireless aircraft weighing system includes a rugged handheld PC that communicates with up to five hermetically sealed load cells, as well as a thermal printer that provides weight result printouts. The system has a capacity range of 15,000 to 600,000 pounds, an operation range of over 220 feet, and accuracy of ± 0.1% of applied load or ± 0.02% of channel capacity, whichever is greater.
The system’s handheld PC features a color touch screen user interface for user-friendly, step-by-step operation. Functions and features include CG calculation, a library of up to 200 aircraft types and characteristics, weighing history, and latitude and altitude adjustment. The system’s hermetically sealed, compact, stainless steel load cells provide a conversion rate of 50 conversions per second per load cell. They enable synchronized sampling of all weight channel results that minimizes vibration, oscillation, and wind effects. The JetWeigh-W system is both highly accurate and, because it is wireless, easy to install, operate, and maintain.
Vishay Revere is part of the Vishay Systems division of Vishay Measurements Group. Vishay Measurements Group develops, manufactures, and markets components, instruments, and systems for a wide variety of test and measurement applications. Vishay strain gage products include electrical resistance strain gages for both stress analysis testing and transducer manufacturing applications, as well as strain gage instrumentation. Vishay PhotoStress®coatings and instruments use a unique optical process to detect stress and other physical forces. Vishay transducer products include load cells, force transducers, and instruments. Vishay also manufactures, installs, and services systems for weighing and force measurement and control. These include systems with transducers and instruments to control process weighing in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants; force measurement systems to control web tension in paper mills, roller force in steel mills, and cable tension in winch controls; on-board weighing systems that are installed in logging and waste-handling trucks; and special scale systems for aircraft weighing and portable truck weighing. Vishay Measurements Group is part of Vishay Intertechnology.
Vishay Precision Group Inc. has ceased to be a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology Inc. and is an independent publicly owned company.