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All Onboard Weighing Press Releases:
Publication DateTitle
2019-03-04VPG Onboard Weighing Launches New VanWeigh® Axle Overload Monitoring System for Light Commercial Vehicles
2018-09-06VPG Onboard Weighing’s New TruckWeigh® 1160 On-Board Overload Monitoring System Enables Unlimited Axles in Road Trains
2017-09-06VPG Onboard Weighing Introduces BinWeigh 03 Dynamic Weighing System for Waste Collection Truck Fleets
2016-07-26VPG Signs Distribution Agreement with Spanners Ltd. to Strengthen VPG Onboard Weighing’s Presence in Ireland
2016-01-04VPG Completes Acquisition of Stress-Tek, Inc.
2014-10-01VPG Opens New VPG Onboard Weighing R&D Facility in Bradford, United Kingdom
2012-09-18VPG PM Onboard Brand Signs Distribution Agreement with Hyva for TruckWeigh Overload Monitoring and Payload Maximisation System
2012-09-04New VPG On-Board Weighing Video Highlights the Features and Capabilities of PM Onboard Brand TruckWeigh Overload Monitoring System
2012-06-14VPG Introduces Industry’s First Digital CAN On-Board Weighing System With Tilt Compensation
2012-06-14TruckWeigh, VanWeigh®, and Road Guardian from VPG’s PM Onboard Now Available From FTA’s Online Store
2012-02-20New VPG On-Board Weighing Video Highlights the Features and Capabilities of the Tuffer™ Wheel loader Scale
2012-01-19VPG Offers First On-Board Overload Monitoring System With Solid-State Axle Deflection Sensors, for High Durability and Accuracy to 3% in Vehicles Over 8.3 Tons (7.5 Metric Tons)
2010-09-10VPG's On-Board Overload Protection Systems Offer Accuracy to 2% and High Durability; Display of Gross Vehicle Weight, Net Payload Weight, and Axle Group Weights With No Driver Interaction
2006-12-15New Vishay Revere JetWeigh-W™ Wireless Aircraft Weighing System