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TruckWeigh® 1155 and 1160 Systems

Overload protection and load optimization for heavy goods vehicles and road trains

  • Optimized load monitoring, fleet tracking and payload with the VPG Onboard Weighing overload protection system with patented axle transducer technology.
  • Specifically designed for larger capacity vehicles from 7.5 tonne, supporting unlimited numbers of axles with mechanical and air spring suspensions as well as combinations.
  • Provides vehicle weight indication for individual axles and vehicle gross as standard
  • Designed with lightweight and rugged state-of-the-art solid state sensors to ensure maximum durability in harsh environments, maximized payload and easy fitting to new or existing vehicles
  • No moving parts to minimize wear and tear or slipping out of calibration.
  • Intuitive indicators support user-defined displays, multiple languages and are available as dash-mount or DIN-radio slot versions.
  • Linkable to third party tracking software for continuous monitoring of load conditions

TruckWeigh® systems are simple to operate, durable, and a cost-effective method that assists in safe driving. It's suitable for virtually all truck types, such as articulated tippers, rigid tippers, trailer units, tractor units, RCVs, skip loaders, hook loaders and pickup trucks.

The TruckWeigh® 1160 system is specifically designed for multi-trailer installs and road trains, and supports gross vehicle weights over 50 tonne.

Features and Benefits:

  • Balances load distribution
  • Maximizes payload capacity
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear and fuel consumption
  • Protects your license, avoids fines and overload endorsements
  • Simple to operate, includes optical and audio alarms
  • No driver input required
  • Trailer swap - trailer identification
  • Packer plate shutdown (1155 system, optional)
  • AxleWatch - individual axle overload, plus axle weight and overload indication
  • CAN bus, RS232 output, telematics output
  • Thermal and heavy duty printer (optional)
  • Custom print headers
  • Road train, multi-trailer HGV support (1160 system)
  • 511 FreeWeigh - handheld indicator support (1155 system, optional)
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