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Waste Management
Systems Highlights:
  • Individual pick-up weights provided to maximise profitability
  • Gross weight, net weight and axle group weights provided
  • Minimise overloading, fines and risks
  • Maximise loading efficiency
  • Comprehensive self-test and diagnostics
  • Minimal driver interaction required for scale operations
  • Compatible with all manufacturer’s makes and models
  • Programmable overload set-points and alarms.

SeriesDescriptionRegionSpecial Features
1155 WasteWeighIntegrated weighing for continuous and precise weight information for waste and recyclingEuropeAccuracy ± 1% FSD
Gross, net and individual axle weights
9150 Systems9150 Digital CAN Underbody Weighing SystemAmericasSuitable for various systems
Air ScaleOverload monitoring for air suspensionAmericasGVW and loading percentage
Tractor and trailer
BinWeigh 03Legal-for-Trade dynamic weighing system with real time 4G data servicesWorldwideRFID bin identification and live credit control
Large LCD touch-screens
Live GPS Tracking
Data Backup (Cloud, USB, SD card)
LFT1500Legal-for-trade on-board weighing systemWorldwideOIML R76 approved
Class III and IIII
Other suspensionsOverload protection for tractors and trailersAmericasWeight set-alarm points
Gross, net and axle group weights
Route-Man™ -4-& 6- point systemsCommercial container weights provided per individual pick-up for maximization of profitabilityAmericasIndividual container weights
Serial link to in-cab peripherals
VanWeigh®Overload protection for vehicles up to 7.5tonneWorldwideAccuracy ± 3% FSD (90 - 100%)
Solid state technology
Walking Beam / Trojan Weighing SystemFor trucks & trailers with walking beam type suspensionAmericasWeight set-alarm points
Gross, net and axle group weights