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Bulk Haulage
Systems Highlights:
  • Maximise loading
  • Minimise overload fines and risks
  • Systems for truck and trailers
  • Field proven for more than 35 years
  • Accuracy ±1% of full scale deflection
  • Gross and net vehicle weight, axle loading display, set points and alarms
  • Optional body or chassis inclination alarms
  • Optional integrated weight and camera views in the same display

SeriesDescriptionRegionSpecial Features
5th Wheel & Air5th wheel and air suspension truck & trailerWorldwideGross and Net weight display
All major 5th wheel makes
9150 Systems9150 Digital CAN Underbody Weighing SystemAmericasSuitable for various systems
Air ScaleOverload monitoring for air suspensionAmericasGVW and loading percentage
Tractor and trailer
BulkWeighTippers, bulk tipping rigid, semi-trailer & drawbar trucksEuropeAxle overloading alarm
TipWatch - tipping risks alarm
Center HangerTrailers utilizing center hanger type suspension Trailers utilizing center hanger type suspensionAmericasEasy calibration
Weight set-alarm points
LFT1500Legal-for-trade on-board weighing systemWorldwideOIML R76 approved
Class III and IIII
Other suspensionsOverload protection for tractors and trailersAmericasGVW and loading percentage
Self diagnostics
Single pointTrailer weight monitoring system with trunion clamp styleAmericasEasy calibration
GVW weight display
Walking Beam / Trojan Weighing SystemFor trucks & trailers with walking beam type suspensionAmericasGVW and loading percentage
Easy calibration
Weight set-alarm points
Self diagnostics
Tractor and trailer
Easy installation