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Home - Stress Analysis Strain Gages - Calculators - Two-Element Tee (90 deg) Rosettes (calculator): Transverse Sensitivity

Transverse Sensitivity Errors

A calculator for
Two-Element Tee (90-degree) Rosettes
With a separate transverse sensitivity for each grid.

Independent Variables
Indicated Strains (microstrain),
Transverse Sensitivity (%),
Poisson's Ratio* (nondimensional),

Dependent Variable
Actual Strains (microstrain),

* The Poisson's ratio of the material on which the manufacturer's gage factor was measured (usually 0.285).

Related Calculator

A for calculating the actual shear strain from indicated normal strains in tee rosettes and shear patterns.


Indicated Strains

Grid 1:

Grid 2:

Transverse Sensitivity

Grid 1: %

Grid 2: %

Poisson's Ratio

Actual Strains

Grid 1:

Grid 2: