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Transducer Output

A calculator for

Bending Beam - Half Poisson Bridge

Two active gages in uniaxial stress field - one aligned with maximum principal strain, the other with transverse "Poisson" strain.

Independent Variables
( Units for load and dimensions must coincide with those for elastic modulus. )
Load (lbf, etc.),
Elastic Modulus (lbf/in 2 , etc.),
Poisson's Ratio (nondimensional),
Distance from Load (in, etc.),
Width (in, etc.),
Thickness (in, etc.),
Gage Factor (nondimensional),
Dependent Variable
Axial Strain (microstrain),
Bridge Output (mV/V),



Elastic Modulus:

Poisson's Ratio:

Distance from Load:



Gage Factor:

If within the elastic range:


*This value is based on surface strain of the beam. Superposition based on adhesive and backing thickness have have not corrected.

If the gage factor of the gage and instrument are the same:

Bridge Output