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VPG's Portable, USB-Powered D4 Data Acquisition Conditioner Features Four Input Channels With RJ-45 Connectors, Support for Quarter-, Half-, and Full-Bridge Configurations, and Built-In Precision Bridge Completion
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — Mar. 21, 2011 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its Micro-Measurements division has introduced a new portable, USB-powered data acquisition conditioner featuring four input channels with RJ-45 connectors, support for quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain gage (gauge) configurations, and built-in precision bridge completion for 120-Ω, 350-Ω, and 1,000-Ω circuits.
The D4 is the ideal solution for stress analysis applications, such as aerospace, automotive, agricultural, and structural testing. Designed for use with resistive strain gages (gauges) and strain-gage-based transducers, the data acquisition conditioner allows users to connect and monitor up to four channels of strain gage (gauge) input or input from any Wheatstone bridge-based device. Users can condition and record data from the inputs into a host computer via the USB interface.
The conditioner features a 2 Hz sampling rate, fixed 1.5 V bridge excitation, and bridge impedance from 60 Ω to 2,000 Ω. Programmable for custom applications, the D4 offers automatic and manual zero-balance and calibration. Designed for portability, the unit features a rugged aluminum case, compact dimensions of 4.3 in by 1.4 in by 5.7 in (110 mm by 36 mm by 145 mm), and a low weight of 0.8 lb.
The D4 offers excellent noise rejection and stability due to its modern digital signal processing technology. Proprietary scaling and linearization algorithms provide unsurpassed measurement accuracy of ±0.1 % with an instrument gage factor of 2.000. The unit features a strain range of ± 31,000 με (±15.5 mV/V), and resolution of ±1 με (±0.0005 mV/V).
Intuitive, user-friendly application software is provided with the D4 for control via a Microsoft Windows-based personal computer. Also included is the Programmer’s Reference Kit, which includes the Programmer’s Reference Manual, a NI LabView instrument driver, and programming examples to simplify writing custom applications. In addition, an included calibration software utility allows calibration of the D4 via the USB interface.
Production quantities of the D4 are available from stock.
Further information about the D4 and other VPG Micro-Measurements products is available at
About Micro-Measurements
The Micro-Measurements division of Vishay Precision Group is an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro-Measurements offers a full complement of strain gages (gauges), data acquisition systems, PhotoStress equipment and coatings, and supplies necessary to obtain accurate, reliable stress data. Our products are used throughout the industrialized world — both in the practice of stress analysis and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers for measuring physical variables (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.).
About Vishay Precision Group
Vishay Precision Group produces sensors based on precision resistive foil technology, and sensor-based systems. We provide vertically integrated products and solutions for multiple growing markets in the areas of stress, force, weight, pressure and current measurements. As a spin-off from Vishay Intertechnology, our decades-long track record encompasses innovations in foil precision resistors, which we invented, current sensors, and strain gages (gauges), which have served as a foundation for our more recent expansion into strain gage (gauge) instrumentation, load cells and transducers, weighing modules and complete systems for process control and on-board weighing. Vishay Precision Group may be found on the Internet at