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Featuring StrainSmart software, System 5000 is a complete data system for stress analysis and structural materials testing. The most significant feature of System 5000 is its unique operating software which addresses virtually every variable that must be considered in stress analysis testing - from initial data entry, to data acquisition and conditioning, to on-line and off-line correction, reduction and presentation of results. System 5000 will accept inputs from strain gages, thermocouples, LVDT's, load cells, and other transducers. Simple to operate, System 5000 provides maximum stress analysis testing capability with minimum investment.

  • From 5 to 1200 input channels
  • Inputs accepted from:
    • strain gages
    • strain-gage-based transducers
    • thermocouples
    • sensors with high-level voltage outputs
    • LVDT's
  • Built-in bridge completion for 120-, 350-, and 1000-ohm strain gages
  • Scanning and recording intervals as short as 0.02 second for up to 1200 inputs
  • Stable, accurate, low-noise signal conditioning
  • Available with PCIe hardware interface

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