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General-purpose adhesive that is highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Room-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coating
Similar to AE-10. Recommended for more critical applications, including transducer gaging. Elevated-temperature curing. Hard, water-resistant coating
Normally used in transducer gaging. Highly resistant to moisture and chemical attack. Elevated-temperature curing. Hard coating with excellent chemical, electrical and mechanical resistance.
A 100% solids adhesive used to fill irregular surfaces and anchor leadwires. Elevated temperature cure required. Good chemical and mechanical protection at elevated temperatures.
General-purpose laboratory coating.
Secondary coating as vapor barrier.
Low reinforcement coating. Elevated temperature use.
General-pupose laboratory moisture barrier. Intrabridge wiring anchor and insulation.
Field applications where conditions are not ideal. No curing required.
Low reinforcement coating for commercial transducers.
General-purpose coating for harsh environments.
Best water barrier, but poor mechanical protection.
General-purpose coating in laboratory and field. Elevated-temperture use.
Thicker than 3140 RTV. Good cable anchor.
Butyl rubber patch. No curing required.
Single component, high temperarure coating. Often used as a precoat.
Two component polysulfide. Good mechanical protection and chemical resistance.
Fast drying acrylic of used for leadwire anchoring in transducers.
Moisture protection for ceramic cement installations.
Pre-softened wax with paste consistency. Similar to W1.