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VPG Announces Guaranteed In-Stock Availability of POP9 Precision COTS Resistors With No Minimum Order Quantity
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — Nov. 26, 2012 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its Vishay Foil Resistors brand (VFR) is making it easier than ever for analog circuit designers to obtain its most popular Bulk Metal® Foil resistors. Known as the POP9 – the “9 Pillars of Precision” – these in-demand products are guaranteed to be in stock through VPG’s worldwide network of catalog suppliers and distributors, with fast delivery and no minimum order quantity.
The POP9 resistors are VFR’s nine most popular precision resistor products used by analog circuit designers in the most demanding applications – including avionics, military and space (AMS), medical, precision instrumentation, metrology, and process control systems. Because design engineers worldwide depend so heavily upon the performance of these unique products, VPG is working with its distributors to guarantee quick access to the design solutions. This wide availability of precision resistors in guaranteed stock adds extra levels of support to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) designs.
VFR’s POP9 includes:
  • VSMP (Z-Foil) (0603 to 2512): The VSMP series features load-life stability to 0.005%, low TCR to 0.05 ppm/°C, power coefficient “ΔR due to self heating” of 5 ppm at rated power, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) at least to 25 kV.
  • VAR (Z-Foil): For audio applications, VAR through-hole resistors combine low noise to 0.010 μV RMS/V of applied voltage (< -40 dB), low inductance/capacitance, and distortion-free properties.
  • SMR1DZ/SMR3DZ (Z-Foil): The unique flexible terminations of the SMR1DZ/SMR3DZ surface-mount resistors ensure minimal stress transference from the PCB due to a difference in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).
  • SMNZ (Z-Foil): For amplifier applications – to achieve excellent common mode rejection ratios (CMRR) – surface-mount, four-resistor SMNZ networks are the most precise resistor networks in dual-in-line packages.
  • S102: S102 through-hole molded resistors are built to handle unconventional environmental conditions with minimal drift for more than 10,000 hours.
  • VCS1625: VCS1625 Series surface-mount current sensing chip resistors with Kelvin connections offer low TCR to 0.05 ppm/˚C (0°C to +60°C) and thermal EMF of 0.05 μV/°C typical.
  • DSMZ (Z-Foil): Providing a voltage divider with a matched pair of Bulk Metal Z-Foil resistors in a small epoxy molded package, the DSMZ voltage divider network’s integrated construction offers improved performance and better real estate utilization over discrete resistors.
  • CSM: Rated up to 5 W, the CSM Series of surface-mount current sensing power metal foil resistors with resistance down to 1 mΩ and 0.1% tolerance.
  • 1240W: Through-hole trimming potentiometers with smooth unidirectional output.
Identical products with additional conditioning and screening for higher reliability applications are available directly from the VFR factory.
More information on the POP9 can be found at For immediate support, please contact your local catalog supplier.
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