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What our customers have to say ... in their own words:
"VFR’s Bulk Metal® Foil resistor technology was so critical that there was no other manufacturer that made a commercially available solution with equal or even close performance."
Daniel Harvey - Director
- Harwell
"The low inductivity and temperature coefficient of metal foil power resistors FHR 2-80xxx helps us to fulfil the requirements for supply network impedance simulation."
Martin Kufner - Head of Development
- Spitzenberger-Spies
"Engineers of CERNs High Precision Measurements section have developed a metrology-grade analog-to-digital converter that uses 6 parts from Vishay Foil Resistors. Using the same parts I was able to replicate the device successfully and verify its outstanding performance."
Marco Reps - Engineer, Nerd, YouTuber
- Marco Reps
"Replacing the reference resistor in our UT-ONE thermometer readout with Vishay Foil Resistors hermetically-sealed foil resistors resulted in a dramatic improvement of the long-term drift of our instrument from over 20 ppm to less than 5 ppm per year."
Valentin Batagelj - Managing Director and Lead Developer
- Batemika
"Through a failed first attempt, the students learned the value of choosing the right components with the right characteristics, and that in the end, sometimes it is beneficial to pay more for higher quality; these considerations can be critical to ensuring the success of an experiment."
Vincent Choo - Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
- New Mexico State University
"All ordered resistors are spot-on in regards of all requested specifications"
Kiriakos Triantafillou - Blogger, Industrial Maintenance Electrician
- ITTSB Blog
"Excelling through low noise, low inductance and low capacitance, paired with high resistance stability over temperature and time - Bulk Metal® Foil resistors enabled JHK Audio to take our designs to the next level and create an unique offering every audiophile will enjoy."
John Henry Krahenbuhl - Design Engineer and Founder
- JHK Audio
"Tuning of the evaluated product is easy, the change of resistance is smooth, and it's very easy to set the voltage with accuracy of <0.1 %. Unlike normal trimmers, the slight force applied on the screw when trimming it doesn't have a detectable impact on the resistance value. By using this trimmer, the attenuation value can be set with an accuracy of <0.05 dB. As seen from the figures, the temperature stability is excellent."
Kuangda Wang - Ph.D. Candidate
- Poly Grames
"Z201 Series devices have an exceptionally low PCR, allowing us to meet our 1 ppm target specification, even in the presence of inevitable and significant self-heating of the resistors."
Colin Dedman - Senior Technical Officer, Research School of Physical Sciences
- Australian National University
"The VHA518-7 series proved to be the very best foundation for our resistance transfer standards. Together with a carefully crafted case and connections, they helped form a reliable, precise, and cost-effective product made in Germany."
Dipl.-Ing Guido Weckwerth - CEO
- wekomm engineering GmbH
"The combination of the long-term stability and low temperature coefficient make the Vishay Foil Resistors’ Bulk Metal® Foil power resistor the optimal tool for a precision current source."
Dr. Jennie Guzman - Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
- California State University - East Bay
"With their low TCR, thermal EMF, and noise, Bulk Metal® Foil resistors helped Hi-Fi Collective achieve unrivalled performance with its new switched attenuator passive volume control designed for its customer Glasshouse in Australia."
Nick Lucas - Managing Director
- hificollective
"Vishay Foil Resistors' hermetically sealed VHA518-11 resistors have been subjected to a 5 year test to verify their long-term drift. The actual TCRs of less than 0.5 ppm/°C and long-term drifts of better than 2 ppm/year make the VHA518-11 suitable and very cost-effective secondary resistance standards in quantum Hall resistance measurements." Gert Rietveld - Senior Scientist R&D
- VSL (Dutch Metrology Institute)
"By bringing together the latest technology in both analog and digital design, we have significantly reduced the parts count and the complexity of an 8.5-digit multimeter. With VFR's Bulk Metal Foil resistors, we have been able to achieve unrivalled performance at a breakthrough price."
Martin Cox - BSc (Hons), Transmille Director of Engineering
- Transmille
"With the help of VFR's CSM2512 current sense resistor, the µCurrent GOLD is a truly precision instrument that can rival 5.5-digit multimeters in accuracy."
David L. Jones - Electronics Design Engineer and Blogger
- EEVBlog
"In our HPC and UHPC multi-channel Li-ion cell charging systems, the best solution for improving stability and scaling signals without losing resolution and accuracy is the use of current sense resistors featuring Bulk Metal® Z-Foil technology from Vishay Precision Group."
Ph. D. Dr. David Stevens - Research Associate, Jeff Dahn Research Group
- Dalhousie University
"The use of the Bulk Metal® Foil Current Sense Resistor was the only way to build a current calibration. This precision resistor comes with a very high accuracy. No adjustment is needed."
Albert van Dalen - Electronics and Software Engineer
- avdweb
"In our MEMS and quartz accelerometer applications, the best solutions for improving stability and scaling signals without losing resolution and accuracy are Bulk Metal Z-Foil resistors from Vishay Foil Resistors."
Marco Perfetti - Principal Hardware Engineering
- Civitanavi Systems Srl
"We have achieved excellent results using Vishay Foil Resistors components for precision measurement in the past, so we didn't consider any other manufacturer for our decade box."
Petr Kessner - Sales Manager
- Meatest
"Vishay Foil Resistors' Bulk Metal® Z-Foil resistors have demonstrated excellent stability have made it possible to realize ultra-stable measurement and control equipment."
Francisco Loriente Beltran - Technical Director
"VFR precision resistors provide the long term stability that is required for this application"
Gerald Sanders - Sr. Research Laboratory Technician/Lab Supervisor
- University of Miami
"VPG Z-Foil resistors are unique in enabling low drift current sensing. Their extremely low temperature coefficient enables the low drift current sources necessary for stable diode lasers."
Mathias Helsen - FWO Department of Solid State Sciences
- Ghent University
"In conclusion, the 50 Ω VSMP0805 resistor from VPG gave us very satisfactory results. The resistor showed very reasonable change in accuracy from room temperature to 50 mK as well as good stability. The VSMP0805 played a critical role in allowing us to properly characterize the BAW in a cryogenic environment."
Romain Bara - PhD Candidate
- eQus
"We very much appreciate the resistors and trimmers provided by Vishay Precision Group for our research at Texas Tech University. The VPG components played a key role in allowing us to measure thermal pressure of liquids in our laboratory using the tube method."
Xiguang Li - Research Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering
- Texas Tech University
"Choosing a suitable shunt resistor with high accuracy and temperature stability was critical to my circuit. I finally chose VPG’s Z-Foil high-precision resistor. Actually this was my first serious project and I was very pleased that Vishay Precision Group was able to provide me the free samples that helped me to finish my bachelor’s project."
Dainius Obelienius - Electronics Engineer
- Kaunas University of Technology
"In summary, the stability and reliability offered by VPG resistors maintains the high performance of ISL28617 throughout all environmental conditions. The ultra-low TCR of Bulk Metal® Z-Foil resistors reduces gain error due to thermal gradients and the low PCR provides the best linearity. This is ideal for applications where accurate and stable measurements are necessary regardless of external conditions exerted on the measurement systems."
Paul Lee - Marketing Manager
- Intersil
"I was fortunate to have a senior sales director and applications engineer visit me in my laboratory and discuss my instrument set-up and difficulties using other resistor technologies. After our meeting and a demonstration, there was no doubt that my experiments could benefit from VFR technology. The field engineer promptly followed up with my future requests and helped get my experiments completed. I think it is obvious how precision measurements of this type can benefit from Vishay Foil Resistors technology."
Kalon Lasater - Research Assistant
- University of Delaware - Center of Composite Materials
"For many years, we have depended on Bulk Metal® Foil resistors for our most demanding design challenges. Their low noise, accuracy and temperature stability make them the clear choice for applications that will be operating in environments with temperatures of 200ºC or more."
Huling Parker - Senior Design Engineer
- Texas Microelectronics Corporation
"We selected the VFR's Bulk Metal Foil current sensing resistor due to its long-term stability, tight tolerance, and excellent radiation tolerance."
Nikolaos Trikoupis - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer
"Vishay Foil Resistors' (VFR) Bulk Metal® Foil current sensing resistors are ideal for observing and measuring highly non-linear currents in high frequency power circuitry due to their very low drift and kelvin sensing capability."
Thomas Law - Graduate
- University of Cambridge
"I have always relied upon Bulk Metal® Foil resistors for my most challenging projects, so in this case I didn’t waste any time looking at other options. The VPG foil resistors have top-class specs (best in the class), best sound (that cannot and have not been matched by any other resistor to-date), small size, almost any value availability, and are cost-effective – all of which makes them the No. 1 choice in the most demanding and critical circuits for high-end audio and analog design. No other resistor exists that can match all of the requirements for the sonics we aim to achieve."
Arup Goswami - Director, Principal Design Engineer
"TOTALDAC relies on the precision, accuracy and reliability of Bulk Metal® Foil Technology to deliver its promise for high-performing DACs that meet the discerning expectations of audiophiles."
Vincent Brient - Inventor Chief Engineer
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