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Micro-Measurements Partners With Elexsys to Meet Demand for Precision Strain Gages in South Africa
MALVERN, Pa. Feb. 09, 2016 — Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today announced that it has established a distribution partnership with South Africa-based Elexsys to meet the country’s high demand for precision strain gages in medical, test and measurement, military, force measurement, and energy applications. Elexsys will now provide convenient access and support for Micro-Measurements’ entire line of strain gages and instrumentation throughout South Africa and the Middle East.
Located in Cape Town, Elexsys has been a leading distributor of artisan instrumentation for the process automation and test and measurement industries since 2001. For the company’s customers, the Micro-Measurements portfolio includes strain gages in a variety of configurations, sizes, and package types, in addition to instrumentation such as portable strain indicators and recorders, signal conditioning amplifiers, StrainSmart® Data Acquisition Systems, portable and pocket-sized USB-powered data acquisition devices, and special-purpose equipment.
Elexsys’ customers will also have access to Micro-Measurements’ next-generation strain gage sensors built on Advanced Sensors technology. As the foundation for consistently reliable and precise transducers, these devices are built on a new manufacturing process using state-of-the-art equipment and tooling. This results in tighter tolerance products with shorter manufacturing lead times as compared to conventional manufacturing techniques.
“We are very pleased to add Micro-Measurements’ portfolio of strain gages and instrumentation to our line card,” said John Chapman, CEO at Elexsys. “Not only does our customer base include a number of manufacturers that could greatly benefit from the unparalleled precision and reliability delivered by these devices, but the demand is increasing across the South African market as a whole. With Micro-Measurements we are in an optimal position to address this need.”
“Over its 15 years in business, Elexsys has earned an excellent reputation in the South African market, and we couldn’t be more excited to team up with the company as we broaden the opportunities for our products in the country,” said Yuval Hernik, Micro-Measurements senior director of applications engineering and marketing. “For Elexsys’ customers, the move means convenient access to a wide range of reliable technologies, including Advanced Sensors technology. Our customers who have tested these new gages in their transducer products have reported more repeatable test data when compared to previous-generation conventional gage types.”
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