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Micro-Measurements Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder Now Available From Digi-Key
MALVERN, Pa. June 18, 2015 — Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today announced that its Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder is now available from Digi-Key Electronics, an authorized distributor of Micro-Measurements products.  This portable, lightweight, and rugged four-channel instrument is designed to read and store data from four strain gage (gauge) or transducer inputs, providing full test functionality in field and laboratory test locations.
Capable of accepting quarter-, half-, and full-bridge circuit inputs, the Model P3 provides on-board bridge completion resistors of 120 Ω, 350 Ω, and 1000 Ω; automatic zero-balancing and calibration; an LCD display for real-time test data reading; and a removable flash drive for data storage. Testing is fully configured via intuitive, menu-driven operational steps from the display.  While fully operational with internal battery power for field testing, the instrument has an AC power line input and a USB port for power, data output, and optional computer control. 
"The Model P3 provides proven superior performance in many field applications, such as department of transportation engineering projects to monitor stresses on concrete bridges and supports," said Gregg Cockroft, Micro-Measurements technical sales manager. "It is the perfect solution for applications where measurements with installed strain gages (gauges) are repeatedly taken over long time periods, as the instrument is small, easily carried from site to site, and very solidly built to maintain accurate operation over years of use in hostile environments.”
"The availability of the Model P3 from Digi-Key is really a game changer for the stress analysis field,” stated Kevin Swiger, Micro-Measurements senior manager of Americas sales. "Through collaboration with VPG, Digi-Key is helping to set a new standard by shipping both strain gages (gauges) and high-precision measurement instrumentation, and they can do this in just a few days.  For designers, this provides an invaluable source for portable test equipment with an advanced feature set and ±0.1% accuracy.”
Complete technical information for the Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder is available at  Follow Micro-Measurements at or
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