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VPG Transducers and Micro-Measurements at SENSOR + TEST 2014
Featured Micro-Measurements Products on Display at Sensor + Test 2014
June 3-5, 2014; The Nürnberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany; Hall 12 / Booth 632
Advanced Sensor Technology Strain Gages
Available in a wide array of configurations including linear, half-bridge, full-bridge, and shear patterns, the Micro-Measurements’ Advanced Sensors facility produces next-generation strain gages that are built on an advanced manufacturing technology line. This facility has the latest processing equipment which is now providing replacement gages for many of M-M’s existing Transducer Class products with tighter tolerances than the previous generation.
In addition, to standard Transducer Class gages, high resistance gages can now be produced in a small package (10,000 Ω is available in a 1 mm sq. grid area). This small grid area helps to increase transducer output in a number of applications such as pressure sensing. A tight tolerance of ±0.2% can now be produced on resistance values ranging from 1,000 Ω to 20,000 Ω. Increased resistance values are a preferred choice when low power consumption is crucial, as in battery-powered devices. If an application demands the highest possible bridge output to improve its signal to noise ratio, the higher gage resistances will permit increased bridge excitation voltages.
System 8000 StrainSmart® Data Acquisition System
Featuring a scanner with eight software-configurable input channels with RJ-45 connectors, the System 8000 StrainSmart® Data Acquisition System can accept signals from strain gages or strain-gage-based transducers, thermocouples, or high-level voltage sensors. Strain gage channels support full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations, and offer built-in precision completion for 120 Ω, 350 Ω, and 1000 Ω bridges.
The System 8000 is intended for static and dynamic test and measurement applications. System scanners may operate independently, or up to 16 scanners can be used concurrently for a maximum of 128 channels. Each channel’s data is processed in a modern 24-bit digital signal processor, and filtering is performed using finite impulse response (FIR), multi-stage filters. This provides excellent noise rejection, stability, and unsurpassed measurement accuracy. Sampling rates are 1000, 500, 200, 100, and 10 samples/second.
Further information about the miniature strain gages, System 8000 StrainSmart Data Acquisition System, and other VPG Micro-Measurements products is available at
Featured VPG Transducers Products on Display at sensor + test 2014
Together, VPG Transducers’ brands Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere Transducers, and Celtron represent one of the widest and well-known standard product ranges available from a single manufacture, and these will be on display at Sensor & Test  from 3rd– 5th June 2014, in Nuremberg,
The Company will be introducing:
  • ASC2 – A new analogue compression load cell for the truck scale market.
  • DSC2 – A digital version of the ASC2 which offers improved communication options.
As a reliable and knowledgeable partner for confidential design-ins, VPG Transducers will also showcase the company’s ability to manufacture customized and bespoke force sensors and sensor-solutions to maximize productivity and safety in applications as diverse as agriculture, medical, industrial, and construction.
The Model 17x family of extensometers has been designed to enhance longitudinal safety on telescopic handlers. Redundant circuits to comply with EN954 cat 3 / EN13849 PLd / EN15000 regulations and either LINBUS or CANBUS J1939 protocols are available.
The model 51xx range of load pins has been introduced for push-pull applications where force needs to be measured through a fixed point such as a tractor hitch or in a cable winch. These pins can be adapted to meet the customers’ requirement, including the option to incorporate industry standard or customer specific communication protocols.
Further information about VPG Transducers’ custom force sensors is available at
Company Overview
Vishay Precision Group (VPG) is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of: components based on its resistive foil technology; sensors; and sensor-based systems specializing in the growing markets of stress, force, weight, pressure, and current measurements. VPG is a market leader of Foil Technology Products, providing ongoing technology innovations in precision foil resistors and foil strain gages, which are the foundation of the Company’s Force Sensors Products and its Weighing and Control Systems. The product portfolio consists of a variety of well-established brand names recognized for precision and quality in the marketplace. To learn more, visit VPG at