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VPG Announces New On-Site VFR Precision Center at BEDEK GmbH & Co.KG in Germany
MALVERN, Pa. — Feb. 17, 2014 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced the opening of a new Vishay Foil Resistors (VFR) Precision Center within BEDEK GmbH & Co.KG, a certified distributor of VFR high-precision resistors in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. BEDEK can now build and ship a wide range of VFR precision resistors — with no minimum quantities — in 48 to 72 hours, including VFR's popular Bulk Metal® Foil VSMP (Z-Foil technology), VSM, and S series resistors. These resistors are supplied to any resistance value in their range, with no standard value restrictions.
BEDEK is a valued distributor of VFR’s most popular precision resistor models used in critical circuits for avionics, military, and space (AMS) applications. They are also used in high-volume automatic test equipment, alternative energy, audio, RTD, 4-20mA current loops, shunt calibration, medical, energy exploration applications, and more. With an on-site Precision Center, BEDEK now trims these resistors' elements to the exact customer-requested resistance — specified to six digits (e.g. 998.995 Ω vs. 1 kΩ) – while maintaining all the inherent performance characteristics of Bulk Metal Foil technology.
"For designers, prototyping with resistors offering the highest stability available in exact required values allows prototype circuits to be taken directly to full-scale environmental and life tests, instead of the usual two-stage process of initial room temperature evaluation followed by subsequent ordering of more precise parts for full-scale testing," said Yuval Hernik, senior director for application engineering, Vishay Foil Resistors.
"In addition, most manufacturers require customers to purchase a full reel of resistors for each value if more than a few sample pieces are needed for prototyping. By providing the exact number of resistors needed at the precise resistance value and tolerances required, BEDEK provides designers with an invaluable source for small-quantity prototype runs and quick changes prior to production."
With an on-site Precision Center, BEDEK is able to ship VFR’s popular VSMP and VSM wraparound surface-mount chip resistors and S series through-hole devices from its own finishing operations. Based on Bulk Metal Z-Foil and Classic Foil technologies, the resistors offer initial tolerances as low as 0.005% with load-life stability to 0.005% (50 ppm) after 2,000 hours with rated power applied at +70 °C, and ±0.01% (100 ppm) after 10,000 hours. TCRs as low as 0.05ppm/K from 0 °C to +60 °C provide unprecedented thermal stability and assure automatic TCR tracking of any number of resistors, even across separate circuit boards inside electronic equipment. The devices' unique construction permits uniform heat dissipation and minimizes the effects of extreme environments. The resistors are virtually noise-free and provide ESD protection to 25 kV or more for the highest reliability.
“In recent months, all sorts of precision electronic components have been targeted by counterfeiters who dump very realistic looking but unreliable copies of precision electronics onto the market,” said Thomas Piltz, CEO of BEDEK. "This is causing confusion about the differences between actual and published specifications, and contaminates storehouses and circuits with unreliable and under-performing parts. That’s why it is more important than ever to verify that the foil resistors you’re using are in fact the high-precision devices you believe them to be. The best way to counter these fraudulent scams is to buy only from your local and authorized Precision Resistors Express Hub, BEDEK. We are proud of the unique history of Bulk Metal Foil resistors, the quality resistive device created in our factory in Dinkelsbühl, and the people who work here to provide you the best technical support and short lead times for both standard and custom devices.”
To view BEDEK's complete offering of foil resistor products, please visit (German) and (English).
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