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VPG Transducers Serves Packing Machine Manufacturers with High-Speed, High-Precision Weighing Solutions
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — August 6, 2010 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc.  (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its VPG Transducers division is now offering a full range of high-speed weighing solutions for the packing machine industry. The VPG Transducers product offering includes damped load cells and load cells specifically compensated for rotary filling applications. 
The model 9010 and 240 damped load cells feature adjustable viscous damping for shorter settling times and faster machine cycles.  In addition to providing an extremely fast weighing response, the model 9010 load cell features internal spring elements that negate pre-loads incurred by production fixtures and thus enable the highest accuracy.  Typical high-speed, high-precision applications for the 9010 and 240 damped load cells include check weighers, multihead weighers, and other dynamic weighing applications.
The Vishay Transducers model 1430 load cell is uniquely designed to reduce weighing errors resulting from dynamic forces occurring on rotary liquid filling machines.  The sealed stainless steel construction of the 1430 provides safe operation in applications subjected to caustic or heavy wash down environments.
Vishay Transducers also offers a full range of load cells and indicators ideal for platform scales or in-line conveyor systems for the packing industry.  All of these products were designed and manufactured by Vishay Transducers to survive in the harshest of environments and have exceptional reliability and longevity which are very important factors for equipment used in packing machinery.
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About VPG Transducers
VPG Transducers is a division of Vishay Precision Group and includes products from Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere, and Celtron brands, which have been providing weighing and force measurement products for decades. Our load cells, in combination with our Micro-Measurements know-how, use the most advanced strain gage technology available. Our experience and design capabilities make it possible for us to provide a wide range of standard and custom-made products and solutions.  Throughout our worldwide operations, we have a commitment to uncompromising quality.
About Vishay Precision Group
Vishay Precision Group produces sensors based on resistive foil technology, and sensor-based systems. We provide vertically integrated products and solutions for multiple growing markets in the areas of stress measurement, industrial weighing, and manufacturing process control. As a spin-off from Vishay Intertechnology, we have a decades-long track record of innovation in foil precision resistors, current sensors, and strain gages, which has served as a foundation for our more recent expansion into strain gage instrumentation, load cells and transducers, load cell modules, and complete systems for process control and on-board weighing. Vishay Precision Group may be found on the Internet at