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Vishay's New VSM Bulk Metal® Foil Ultra-High-Precision Wrap-Around, Surface-Mount Chip Resistors Are First to Combine Low ±2 ppm/°C TCR, ±0.01 % Load-Life Stability, Tolerance of ±0.01 %
New devices deliver up to 400 mW in compact packages for applications requiring high precision, stability, and reliability.
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — Jan. 06, 2006 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (VSH: NYSE) today announced the release of the new VSM series of Bulk Metal® foil ultra-high-precision wrap-around, surface-mount chip resistors, the first devices to combine a low and predictable TCR value of ±2 ppm/°C (-55 °C to +125 °C), load life stability of ±0.01 %, and tight tolerance of ±0.01 %.
Available in five small package sizes (0805, 1206, 1506, 2010, and 2512), the new chip resistors feature an exceptional power-to-size ratio, delivering up to 400 mW in one small surface-mount resistor. The five chip resistors announced today are rated for a resistance range of 10 Ω to 150 kΩ.
With low inductance of 0.08 μH and low current noise of -40 dB, these VSM devices provide virtually noise-free operation in applications requiring high precision and high stability: automatic test equipment (ATE); precision instrumentation; laboratory, industrial, medical, and audio systems; electron beam scanners, recorders, and microscopes; military, space, airborne, and aerospace systems; down-hole instrumentation; and communications systems.
Compared with all other resistor technologies available today, Vishay's Bulk Metal Foil (BMF) technology offers the best combination of size, performance, and economy. By using VSM surface-mount components in lieu of larger components with higher total error budgets, designers can conserve board space and create smaller, lighter, more precise, and more stable products that offer improved reliability over a longer life span. Low thermal EMF of 0.05 μv/°C and shelf-life stability of 0.005 % contribute to the devices' superior performance.
A full wrap-around termination ensures safe handling during the manufacturing process and provides stability during multiple thermal cycling. As a result, the load-life stability of foil resistors is unparalleled, and the long-term serviceability of the end product is assured.
Available in waffle-pack and tape-and-reel packaging, samples and production quantities of the new VSM series resistors are available now. Both lead (Pb)-free and tin/lead alloy terminal finishes are available. Lead time for production quantities is approximately four to six weeks, and less on request.
Vishay Precision Group Inc. has ceased to be a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology Inc. and is an independent publicly owned company.