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Vishay Nobel TAD 3 Weight Indicator Features System Accuracy Up to One part in One Million at 1.0 mV/V, Stores Up to 30 Recipes with 34 Lines, Supports Up to Eight 350-Ohm Load Cells
TAD 3 is ideal for wide range of weighing, batching, and other process control applications
MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — September 28, 2005 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announces the introduction of the new Vishay Nobel TAD 3 batch-capable weighing controller. The TAD 3, which can store up to 30 recipes with 34 lines, adds extra processing power to provide faster response and extra conversion modes. It also enables developers to leverage a large library of over 250 special programs, which allow all TAD-series devices to be quickly programmed for virtually any industrial application.
The TAD 3 can support up to eight 350-ohm load cells, making it suitable for multi-ingredient batching, as well as for hopper scales, packing scales, bag fillers, and many other applications. Batching is for a maximum of six ingredients, with coarse and fine-feeding phases supported. The excitation voltage is 9.5 V with one or two transducers attached, or 7.5 V with four transducers. System accuracy is from 1 part in 10,000 to 1 part in 1,000,000 at 1.0 mV/V, depending on the selected update rate.
The TAD 3 supports standard MODBUS RTU communications via its serial port, as well as serial RS232, 422 or 485, with data communication speeds up to 115.2 kbaud, making the new unit suitable for many advanced process control applications.
The required panel cut-out of 92 mm x 186 mm, combined with the mounting depth of 140 mm, enables a compact installation that gives panel designers extra flexibility. The clear LCD display and membrane keypad allow the unit to be used under a wide range of lighting conditions, and in environments where splashes, steam, and similar hazards are commonplace. Menu-driven set-up, via alphanumeric instructions in the operator?s own language, allows calibration to be performed quickly and easily. Set-up and calibration can be performed via a PC, using the version of deltaCOM provided with the TAD 3. A full version of the deltaCOM program is available separately.
Vishay Nobel is part of the Vishay Transducers division of Vishay Measurements Group. Vishay Measurements Group develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of sensors for a wide variety of test and measurement applications. These include electrical resistance strain gages for both stress analysis testing and transducer manufacturing applications, instrumentation, hybrid strain gage assemblies and transducers for OEM applications and certified load cells for electronic scales and other weighing applications. Vishay Measurements Group is part of Vishay Intertechnology.